Bitancor, Mauricio

I am Pastor Mauricio Bitancor, born on September 22,1963. My parents are Gregorio and Hermogenia Bitancor. I grew up an unbeliever and had experienced all worldly vices which were really bad until I was imprisoned in 1984. By the grace of God, I was converted on October 11, 1986 and my life was greatly changed.

In February 1987 I became grievously sick and was operated on in Manila. I remember felling as though my spirit was separated from my physical body. I almost died. I thank the Lord, He gave me an extension of my life. I now know it was because of His plan to use me in the ministry. He gave me a good wife and after our marriage I decided to study in Bible school at the Apostolic Center for Theological Studies in Quezon City, Metro Manila. I was unable to finish my schooling due to financial problems. We decided to go back to my hometown in Pillar, Bohol.

Later I felt the calling of God in my life and we started Bible studies and became their pastor in Pilar, Bohol. That was nine years ago, many trials have come in our life. I have started three times to build a church but hardships have prevented me from the completion of it. There is something in our hearts to keep on, serving the Lord whatever circumstances we have.
The love of Jesus is more powerful than all the trials we encounter. Knowing the Lord keeps all good records and His rewards we know in His time God will prosper us according to His riches in glory. Thank you very much for including us in your prayers. Pray that God will give me more strength to continue to preach the saving gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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