Edusma, Daniel

I am pastor Daniel Edusma, born April 23, 1986, in La Hacienda, Alicia, Bohol. I was baptized in Jesus' Name April 12, 1998 by pastor Arsenio Bual. My parents are Marcos and Raymunda Edusma. I finished high school in 2004 and planned to proceed to college, but God called me to the ministry. By the grace of God I was able to enroll in the Apostolic Institute of Ministries in Davao City through the support of our missionary, Sir Cogan.

In January 2007 after finishing Bible School training, I started to work right in my hometown of La Hacienda, Alicia, Bohol. I thank God that in a period of six months twelve souls were won to Him by conducting many bible studies in the neighboring barrios.

Presently I have begun another work in Cogtong, Candijay, Bohol. I have new contacts there, reaching lost souls for Jesus. I was so burdened for Cogtong, Candijay since there are no apostolic believers in that area. I believe God will make a way to provide for all I need in starting a pioneering work in Cogtong, Candijay.

May God bless you as you include me in your prayers.

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