Jerry, William

I am Pastor William Jerry. I am the pastor of Senta UPC. I am married and have three children.

I came from a very poor family background. My father was a zoe (witch) in the secret societies. Neither of my parents were Christian but deeply involved in the secret societies. In 1984 I was initiated in the secret society by my father. His intention was that I should replace him after his death. He would have done everything possible to train me for that purpose. Since I did not know God for myself, I was willing to accept the position.

I had been attending the Lutheran church but did not get anything from them. One day a UPC evangelist came to our town and preached a message from Habakkuk 2:15. When I heard this Pentecostal preacher I immediately came under conviction for all my sins. In 1997, I was baptized in Jesus Name and received the Holy Ghost. Since that time, and by His grace, He has helped me to grow in the Lord so that I can see myself as a pastor today.

Thanks for your prayers and financial support to help me take the gospel to those who are still bound in secret societies and traditions.

Pastor William Jerry

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