Jullah, John

I am John Jallah of the Kpelle tribe. I was born unto the union of Mr. & Mrs. Barsee Jallah in the year 1962, in a little town in Konniga Clan. I am married with 4 children. I graduated from the Charles Henry Dewey High School located in Tubmanburg, Bomi County.

To begin with, my ancestors were all idol worshippers, especially my dad. So my life before salvation was really bad in that I was involved in so many things.

One day a Lutheran pastor called David Yelemah came to me and said you need to go to church. December 31, 1985 I went to attend the watch night service. When the message was preached, I realized that all I have done could lead me no where but hell. Therefore, I decided to continue going to church. I realized I was a sinner, lost, and needed to repent and turn to God. I began praying for God's guidance and direction upon my life. Things were still not really good, because I was still involved in worldly living.

In 1994 a UPC preacher, Rev. Joseph B. Momolu, ministered to me. Then I began to see the true light. In 1995 I was baptized and received the Holy Ghost at our Annual General Conference. Now that I have been washed and sanctified by his wonderful blood, I can now boast, in the Lord, that the life I live is Christ not myself. I thank God through Jesus Christ that I am a changed man and not the old man. I am no more in the world as before, and to let you know it is through my faith in the Lord that my father was saved before he died. Many more of my family members have been saved.

Presently, I am involved in the preaching ministry. I pastor one local church and a preaching point. My prayer request is that God will use me to turn many hearts to Him.

Thank you so very much for your prayers and financial help.

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