Kwesula, Ben

My name is Ben Kwesula. I am 50 years old. My parents are Bulenti Kwoya and Naguti Florence of Kenkebu, Kadama-Budaka District. I am married and God has blessed us with 9 children, 1 boy and 8 girls. I have also undertaken the care of 4 orphans.

I stopped going to school in fourth grade because my parents did not care to educate me. I became a peasant and got married. Because my parents were catholic and my active participation, I grew up a strong believer in this faith and was trained as a catechist.

By then, we had a born again church around our village. I was busy and spent a lot of my time defending the catholic faith so that believers would not be deceived by new false entrants, for I grew up knowing the only true faith is the Roman Catholic Church. Together with John, now the Bishop, who was also by then a catechist, fought those born again people who had entered our sub-county. Little did I know that I was fighting God. As things turned around, Bishop John was the first to get saved. When he did that, I started hating him also but he kept on coming home. At one time, I planned to stone him if he came back again, but alas the arrangement I had made turned into my salvation. This is how it started: My child got sick and I didn’t have any money to take her to the hospital. Bishop John, who at that time had become a Pastor of his newly opened church in the neighborhood, came to see my sick child and offered some money, but asked if he could first pray for her then we would take her to the hospital. However, I thank God that immediately after the Bishop had prayed, the child was healed and I did not need to take her to the hospital. This touched me together with my wife and we all accepted Jesus as our personal Saviour.

From that day, I have never regretted giving God all the glory for all the wonderful things He is doing in my life and the fatherly care I have received from my Bishop that has also helped me grow spiritually strong.

Please continue praying for me and the ministry! God bless you! I remain yours in the Lord Jesus,

Ben Kwesula
Senior Pastor

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