Laugan, Rolito

I am Pastor Rolito Laugan. I was born March 20, 1979 in Riverside, Baogo, Inabanga, Bohol. The same year that I was born my father died leaving his family in poverty. In 1992, my mother decided to go Panabo Davao del Norte to find greener pastures for her children. In 1996, at the age of 16, I found my self reading the bible for the first time. I started to attend various faiths. Then I found the Apostolic doctrine. I was baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ on December 22, 1996.

Then, I felt God's calling in my life. I felt the burden for lost souls. I started to reach souls in Inabanga, Bohol my birth place. When I applied for a license I was denied. So, I decided to study at the Bible School in Davao City at the Apostolic Institute of Ministries. I was not able to finish my bible school due to lack of tuition fees, but it did not hinder me to keep on working in the Lord's vineyard.

I started a work in Don Carlos Bukidnon. As I gathered people there, I turned it over to a certain pastor. Then I worked in Lanao del Norte. The Lord blessed the work there, and I gave it to a lady pastor. After that I began a new work in Kalingan Bukidnon. The Lord prospered the church with thirty souls and again I turned it over to another pastor. There is a joy in me as I turn over the work knowing the Lord is using me as a missionary in one place to another.

On December 24, 2001 I married Sis. Anna Grace Gulayon. The Lord has us blessed with a daughter, Joyzie. I have now pastored the church in Inabanga, Bohol for 7 years. We have two sister churches begun in Tubigon and Beunavista.

Staying in the ministry is not easy. We have struggled, but it is worth facing all life's challenges knowing we have a God who supplies all our needs. God bless.

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