Musinguzi, Francis

My name is Francis Musinguzi , an Evangelist with Revival & Salvation Apostolic ministries. I was born on 12 August 1982 in Kakabara Kyaka in Kyejonjo District in Western Uganda.
I was born into a very poor family who tried to provide an education for me. In 1999, when I was in seventh grade, I stopped going to school because my parents could no longer financially afford to take me to school. As I had nothing to do, I came to Kampala City in Central Uganda to look for a job.

I got a job carrying mattresses from different stores and I was staying in the Catholic covenant where my Uncle was a member of the Catholic faith. In the city, I learned how to smoke and drink alcohol. This turned me into a street kid.

I remained in this situation for about four years. In 2001, I became very sick of a native sickness which was inherited from our grandparents. But when I went to the church of Bishop John Wayabirye and he preached the Word of God, it touched my life so much that I believed. He prayed for me and after a few days, I was baptized in the Name of Jesus and right then I was healed of the disease which used to disturb my life. I stopped smoking and drinking, embarked on reading the Bible and attending studies at the church every evening. I am now filled with the Holy Ghost, Praise the Lord!

I started ministering in the church choir and also composed songs. I also started doing door to door evangelism with other brothers and later on became the youth leader in the church. At this time, I am devoted to the work of Evangelism and teaching the youth.

I remain yours in Christ,

Francis Musinguzi

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